You Need A Budget (YNAB)

After a little YNABer feedback, I've decided to revise and extend my remarks on debt…focusing on good debt versus bad debt.

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We talk a lot about priorities. here's my view on getting out of debt, as your single priority.

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It's that age-old habit of humanity where we judge others quickly, but rarely examine our own insane behaviors.

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YNAB for iPad is here. It's great. It's free.

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If something is really complicating YNAB for you, maybe stop doing that thing?

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Look to optimize, and simplify.

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A promise to Julie, and some advice for business owners (and everyone).

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There's no shame in it. If you've quit YNAB, get started again. We've made the restart easy.

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I may be pulling YNAB out of the equation for our kids and their money.

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A financial lesson learned in the Arizona summer heat, while picking blackberries for my dad, when I was ten.

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