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Jesse interviews strength coach, former pro Strongman, and founder of Barbell Logic Online Coaching, Matt Reynolds, about the many analogs between strength training and budgeting.


Matt relates the Four Rules to the basic tenets of effective strength training -- consistency, small increases in weight each workout that add up to big results over time, and focusing on the  things that will give you the greatest bang for your buck. Matt relates strength training to a "physical 401(k)," where the work that you do today to build you fitness and health can be drawn on later in life when the inevitabilities of aging and life events happen. Strong people are more resilient and more useful, especially in old age!


Matt's company, Barbell Logic Online Coaching, offers customized strength, conditioning, and nutrition coaching to individuals,  pairing each trainee with their own highly trained Barbell Logic coach.


If you're interested in trying out Barbell Logic Online Coaching, you can get the first month totally free when you sign up. And, YNAB listeners can get an additional $10/mo off their future months. Sign up here:



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