You Need A Budget (YNAB)

How do you order your categories? What's on top? What's on bottom? And how did you decide that?


Categories are easy to order once you understand your priorities. Rent, utilities, food -- these are non-negotiable. You can and should, however, drill down into the details of each category and ask yourself whether you could live without some of the expenses in that category. You need utilities to live, clearly, but if pushed, what would you keep and what would you cut? Could you live without internet if you had to?


Once you understand which categories sit above the line (necessities) and which sit below the line, then you can total up how much you spend on "below the line" items. Then ask yourself: do you want any of this money to go to above the line items?


Try this exercise to clarify your budget and see whether your budget is in line with your priorities.



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