You Need A Budget (YNAB)

I discuss some of the whys behind our 12/2011 site redesign.

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I interview Sheridan from Orange County, California.  She's now been using YNAB for 2.5 years, and won't be going back to Quicken any time soon!

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I relate my experience with BJ Fogg's 3 Tiny Habits program, and how that ties in so beautifully to budgeting--specifically staying on top of recording your transactions.

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A few words on Christmas, why January's so important to your Christmas spending, and weak reports. Also, a hat tip to the best report of all.

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One of the more embarrassing moments of my teenage years taught me a great lesson about budgeting, breathing, and the crushing effects of five pounds.

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An interview with Brian from Massachusetts, a freelance video editor, that now feels content--even with a large drop in income.

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Lavish spending. Your budgeting indulgence. No judgement here, as long as it's purposeful and done with total awareness.

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The basics of Rule Two (Save for a Rainy Day), and then how you combine Rules One and Two to begin making VERY good financial decisions. This episode will answer the question you may have asked yourself, "I make enough. Why aren't I getting ahead?"

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Wait, I thought we were budgeting.  What's all this talk about goals, mini-goals, and habits? Yeah, you're not budgeting. You're becoming an unbelievably effective goal setter/reacher.

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70% of people live paycheck to paycheck, but did you know the interesting part of that statistic that isn't often quoted?  It will surprise you, and perhaps spur you on to decide that $1000 is the new $0.  Rule Four, "Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck" is discussed as it relates to doing hard things :)

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