You Need A Budget (YNAB)

Are you finances managed with the future in mind? Where YOU could sleep through anything?

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I have two rules when it comes to buying a car. Don't buy new, and don't finance it.  Broke both of those.

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When you're in a job you don't like, there's friction, because you're not spending your time doing something you love. When your money's misbehaving, there's friction. Because your money isn't doing things you love.

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My interview with Joe Mihalic, who paid off $90,000 of debt in 7 months, because he got intense, got focused, and made it happen. You can catch Joe's book on Amazon (for $2.99) called Destroy Student Debt - a Combat Guide to Freedom. 

What will your holiday season look like 13 months from now? And why am I making you think about it?!

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I'm throwing down here. Not really. Did a major, MAJOR closet cleaning, and it feels GREAT!

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In this interview, I speak with Linda I (psuedonym), a Debtor's Anonymous participant. The program deserves a serious look if you, or someone you know, has a serious debt addiction.

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It turns out that protecting yourself from Identity Theft doesn't mean you have to give up Facebook (whew), or stop shopping online (whew, love me some Amazon Prime). I interview Robert Siciliano, an ID Theft Expert, and he basically put me at ease on the whole situation.

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My little brother got his wings from the Air Force this weekend, and on the tour, I got to see an air traffic control room. Guess what it reminded me of?

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If you're like most (and you probably are), you're driving too much car. Consider how it just might be keeping you from the financial goals you REALLY care about.

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